Saturday 25th – Friday 31st May 2013

A week-long programme for people of all ages, including workshops and play to explore transforming relationships, building community, living together sustainably and engaging with conflict.

The Compassionate Community Retreat is an opportunity to explore living in community with others while being immersed in the beauty of a natural environment. Learning and applying the practices of nonviolence, our intention is to create a thriving group of individuals, couples, and families where everyone’s needs matter – no matter how old you are! This becomes a real immersion into the practices of Being Nonviolence.

The retreat is for both families AND for adults coming without children.

Are you wondering if this is for you? Then please bring your questions with you and join us for a free teleconference call, “Q&A about the Compassionate Community Retreat” on Wednesday 24th April at 8pm (UK time). The organising team will be sharing their experience from previous years, and answering questions about what what you can expect. .

Meet the organisers

Katherine Mote, Leo Sofer and Gayano Shaw speak about why creating the Compassionate Community Retreat is so meaningful for them.

The retreat will be lead by internationally renowned facilitators Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens. For more about their work, click . Or listen to them discussing their work .

To hear Leo Sofer speaking about previous retreats, click . And to hear Gayano Shaw interviewed about her work, click .

Parents: Is this you?

You want to do the very best for your kids: to raise them according to your values, of love, kindness, fairness and reverence for life. But often it feels like you leave yourself out of the equation, and end up exhausted, undernourished, resentful even. Then you can flip from the loving parent you want to be to the angry parent you never wanted to become.

Living up to your own values is hard, and nothing pushes you to your limits like parenting. You often feel alone, because your birth family, even some of your friends, don’t understand the choices you make as a parent. But you want to do your best, to steer your kids away from mainstream values, to a more spiritual, heart centred way of parenting.

If only it weren’t so difficult, or so lonely. You long to find a community of like minded parents who not only share your values, but can support you with practical and effective strategies for taking care of yourself while you parent.

Because it’s not just about taking care of the children. It’s about taking care of yourself too. Then you’re stronger, and have more to give them. It’s about finding ways of setting boundaries that are fair and compassionate, and take in everybody’s needs.

Join us for a week of learning what it takes to parent from your heart; with some inspiring teachers, and other parents who are on the same path, and are learning along the way what works and what doesn’t.

Coming without children? Is this you?

You’re realising how important communication is, and yet how entrenched some of your patterns of communicating are. Once you start becoming aware of it, you realise how many of the ways you express yourself come from your parents, even the kids you went to school with. It’s not your way of expressing, it’s something you’ve picked up along the way.

So how to get to your way of expressing? Because it’s getting in the way of creating the kind of relationships you want, with your partner, with your friends. You want to find a way of being yourself, of expressing what’s going on inside you, but it’s as if you don’t have the words for it.

But you don’t want to sound fake, or forced, or like you’ve done some course. Because you’re also realising it’s not just about the words. It’s about your intention, and that takes some digging to find out about. You’re up for that exploration, but it would be nice to have some companions, people who are also committed to know themselves and their hearts better, and to find ways of expressing that are real and authentic.

It feels like new territory, but you’re hungry for it. To be more fully yourself, and to find out what that requires of you.

At the Compassionate Community Retreat we’re committed to this journey: to each find out how to be more fully, authentically ourselves, while living closely with others for a week. In fact, it’s the living together, with inspiring teachers, and committed fellow travellers, that makes the journey feel lighter. We’re all in it together, we all want the same thing – to be true to our hearts deepest desires, while honouring the same in one another. We hope you will want to join us in Derbyshire this May…


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